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Digital transformation is accelerating. Connect the dots with Advatek, so your network withstands the pace.

In these unprecedented times, businesses are understandably accelerating digital transformation strategies and cloud migration in an effort to support secure, flexible remote working. However, many organisations are not reaping the full benefits of digital transformation by failing to properly underpin their network and connectivity capability with a robust SD-WAN strategy.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is the ideal solution for enabling increased visibility and control of applications and users across the network while delivering better end-user experience and improved operational efficiencies at the same time.

This is where Advatek can help. We are the networking, connectivity and security experts who are already helping businesses who have had transformation forced upon them, connect the dots better, so that end-user experience is not diminished through connectivity decisions.

We call it Smarter Connectivity.


5 things to look for in a secure SD-WAN solution.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are looking to achieve fast, scalable and flexible connectivity among different network environments, whilst delivering a great user experience. All whilst lowering your costs. However the wrong SD-WAN solution can inhibit a businesses’ ability to adapt quickly, not least because it creates new security headaches.

To help connect the dots, read this checklist of the 5 key requirements for a Secure SD-WAN solution that’s flexible, scalable and fit for the needs of businesses and the rapidly changing requirements of its users.

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But at what cost?

In order to support the ever-increasing traffic demands and associated connectivity costs that come with digital innovation, businesses are looking to replace their traditional wide-area network (WAN) architectures with software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN).

But many SD-WAN solutions present serious challenges – especially around network security – understanding these issues is key to navigating the increasingly complex market for WAN edge technologies.

Find out more about the potential obstacles to WAN transformation in this Whitepaper, that will help you to understand and then overcome the obstacles faced during WAN transformation.

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“Many companies that transition to SD-WAN reap substantial savings on bandwidth connectivity – upwards of 40% in some cases”*

Why secure SD-WAN from Advatek?

Simplicity, Manageability, and Security in a Unified Offering.

Many businesses are in the midst of digital transformation initiatives, seeking to replace outdated wide-area network (WAN) infrastructures. The high cost and complexities of reliable wide-area connectivity over traditional carrier-based networks is driving most decision-makers toward some form of software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN).

As a Fortinet partner, Advatek is uniquely positioned to deliver a Secure SD-WAN solution that includes both networking and security capabilities in a unified solution. Advatek Secure SD-WAN, powered by Fortinet, supports application performance, consolidated management, and advanced protection against threats.

Learn more about how security-driven networking can deliver a comprehensive WAN edge in this essential guide for network leaders.

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“Secure SD-WAN from Advatek automatically recognises and optimally routes over 5,000 applications”**

The Road to Smarter Connectivity: Improve Network Security, Performance and Lower Costs.

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In these unprecedented times, the demand for digital transformation to secure flexible and remote working is pushing traditional networks to breaking point. Many organisations are not reaping the full benefits of digital transformation by failing to properly underpin their network. Advatek can help you with a secure and robust SD-WAN, powered by Fortinet to underpin your network strategy.

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    Stephen Mulhearn
    Director of Business Development, Fortinet

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    Richard Leigh
    Head of Sales, Advatek


Demystify your WAN edge with a secure SD-WAN assessment report.

  • Are ever-increasing bandwidth requirements increasing MPLS operational costs?
  • Are you running into challenges with your legacy WAN architecture due to digital innovation initiatives at branch offices?
  • Do you have visibility and control over applications running at your WAN Edge?
  • Is your security posture strong enough at branch locations as you increase cloud connectivity?

Obtaining a Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report will rapidly help you find answers to these questions, whilst causing the minimum of disruption.

Our Assessment will:

  • Monitor traffic for less than one week

  • Be deployed without interruption to your network

  • Allow you to test drive a FortiGate in your network

  • Provide you with a free report, with no commitment to purchase

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Why Fortinet Secure SD-WAN?

Advatek chooses to partner with Fortinet, not least because they have recently been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure. Advatek believes that Fortinet Secure SD-WAN delivers the best user experience, with self healing WAN and flexible security:

  • Delivers a world-class user experience. Fortinet customers can overcome WAN impairments at all edges using comprehensive self-healing SD-WAN, achieve high performance thanks to purpose-built ASIC and architecture, and maximise application performance with AI/ML-powered application learning.
  • Reduces costs and complexity. Fortinet converges networking and security into a unified SD-WAN solution with centralised orchestration, enabling customers to reduce operational complexity, and achieve the most desirable TCO.
  • Provides a path for protecting all edges. Fortinet customers future-proof their investments by extending SD-WAN with cloud-delivered security innovations that provide flexible, secure access for a diverse and distributed workforce. Unified orchestration capabilities further provide end-to-end visibility and control of the network environment.
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